The Bird Handling system is provided by LINCO, Denmark, Maxiload system Automatically Receives the birds crates by crates from the modules, supply to the Hangers, move empty crates and Modules for thorough clean up, re-assembling and final disinfection. There is no vigorous Bird movement in the system so the birds are calm and the handling is stress-less.

Processing System Equipment’s are provided by Meyn, Netherlands; from Hanging till Sorting. All equipment’s are the latest versions focusing on minimal damage, good hygiene with minimal manual intervention and yield high. Chilling Process is for an extended 100 Minutes, two stage chilled Water Spray- Air Chilled method for improved tenderness and meat quality. Visual Quality and weight Grading systems and Data tracking features are part of the system.

A fully Automatic cut up system is capable of making all regular requirements. There is also full automatic final product sorting systems and semi-automatic bagging machines.

Different Tray wrapping and Deluxe Tray sealing systems are also used. Cartons are shrink wrapped, pallets are also wrapped using automatic Machinery.