Why Osoul chicken ?


Assir Cooperative has established a modern hatchery using the highest safety and quality standards for hatching eggs, which later grows to be broiler chicken, with an annual capacity of 80 million hatching eggs.


In order to provide quality food, Osoul has obtained four ISO quality certificates from international organizations, which in turn carry out continuous visits to the slaughterhouse to ensure the highest standards of food quality and safety.


Osoul Poultry slaughtered and packaged (according to Islamic Shareea) at Asir Cooperative Plant, which is the latest and largest poultry production line in the Middle East with a capacity of 12,000 birds / hour, which equivalent to 60 million chickens.

Poultry Farming

Our poultry is growing in southern region’s farms (Assir) which Allah has blessed with a moderate weather throughout the year, which reflects positively on the quality of the product and taste.

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